Terms of Submission

1. Deadlines, responses, and publication

Dearly Magazine LLC receives submissions throughout the year and publishes 1 issues per year and blog many blog submissions. Our deadlines are: in the Fall at the end of October for all print submissions and varies with blog submissions. There are no guarantees on acceptance, but if your submission is accepted, we will notify you by (email for print submissions within 2-4 weeks and 2 weeks for online submissions).

2. Licensing and rights

Upon acceptance, Dearly Magazine LLC acquires: 1) the non-exclusive, royalty-free right worldwide right to publish in any or all versions of Dearly Magazine LLC and other Dearly Magazine LLC and license to use, host, store, cache, reproduce, publish, display (publicly or otherwise), perform (publicly or otherwise), distribute, transmit, modify or adapt (including, without limitation, in order to conform it to the requirements of any networks, devices, services, or media through which the Media are available) said Content. This license extends to any affiliated media, including domestic and foreign, including any successor, similar or replacement versions thereof; 2) exclusive worldwide rights for a period of six months from the date of Dearly Magazine’s first publication of the work; 3. non-exclusive perpetual rights to republish, store, syndicate or distribute the work or portions of the work in any language and in any country. Upon the expiration of six months, the author/ creative is free to seek republication elsewhere, but Dearly Magazine LLC must be credited in all subsequent publications as “first published in ‘Dearly Magazine LLC’” with a link to the original article. 4. Dearly Magazine LLC will attribute (or “credit”) your work in all public uses of your content on Dearly Magazine LLC ‘s publication, including online blog and social media. All rights granted by this agreement are granted in perpetuity and applicable in all media including, but not limited to, all electronic media, internet, wireless or mobile platforms whether now known or hereafter created.

In other words, you own all content you submit. By submitting, you do not release the copyright to us! All use of your content will be attributed to you.

3. Permission to submit content

The Author/Creative represents and warrants that he or she has the right to grant Dearly Magazine LLC the above-mentioned rights without obtaining the permission of, or making any payments to, any third party or entity. This authorization and release shall inure to the benefit of the legal representatives, licensees and assigns of Dearly Magazine LLC. The Author/Creative hereby releases the Dearly Magazine LLC from, and agrees not to sue for, any claim or cause of action, whether known or unknown, for libel, slander, invasion of right of privacy, publicity or personality, or any other claim or cause of action, based upon or relating to the use of the Material or the exercise of any of the rights referred to herein. The Author/Creative agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dearly Magazine LLC, and its officers, directors, shareholders and employees, from and against any liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) and expenses arising in connection with any breach or alleged breach of any of the above representations, warranties or agreement hereunder.

4. Release of likeness and bio

The Author/Creative grants Dearly Magazine LLC the right to use the Author’s/Creative’s image, visual likeness, portrait, and photograph (collectively referred to as "Likeness") in all forms and media. The Author/Creative grants Dearly Magazine LLC the right to use the Author’s/Creative’s biographical information ("Biographical Information"), including, but not limited to name, age, location, and other personal information conveyed to Dearly Magazine LLC. Such Likeness and Biographical Information will be used for the purposes of a Print Issue/Blog/ Social Media (ie blog, etc) (the “Material”). Dearly Magazine LLC agrees to only use the Author 's/Creative’s Likeness and Biographical Information in connection with the above uses and for no other purpose or purposes without the prior written consent of Author/Creative.

5. Use of personal data

By submitting any Content, you agree to provide to Dearly Magazine LLC, and to allow Dearly Magazine LLC to store your name and your e-mail address. This information will be used by Dearly Magazine LLC for the limited purpose of contacting you, should the need arise, in relation to any Content you submit and otherwise in accordance with the Dearly Magazine LLC Privacy Policy.