Unexpected Plans by Macy Mullinax: Photography by Katie Stokes

Photo by Katie Stokes Photography

Photo by Katie Stokes Photography

In second grade, God put a kid name Dylan in my life. Dylan was the sweetest friend, who at the time I had no idea had down syndrome. I knew he was different and I knew he spent time in a different classroom. He was my very first friend with a disability. I would spend every recess playing with Dylan, and I was the buddy he picked to go to his special education classroom with each Friday. After second grade, Dylan moved schools but the love I had when it came to spending time with him did not move that quickly.

Macy Mullinax with her Golden doodle Sully

Macy Mullinax with her Golden doodle Sully

In high school I started volunteering at the Little Light House and just fell in love. It is such a special place and I loved every second. For those who don’t know, Little Light House is a preschool for children with disabilities here in Tulsa. I shadowed just about every occupation there during the 4 years I volunteered. One summer I shadowed the Speech Pathologist who was on staff there. Speech language pathology wasn’t something I was familiar with, nor did I have any idea what that occupation entailed, but I quickly learned it was something I wanted to do. I wanted to help kids talk, blow bubbles, eat with a spoon…I wanted to help change lives.


I went to college at Oklahoma State University and graduated with a Communication Disorders and Sciences Bachelors Degree (basically pre-speech path). I am a planner so I had the next couple years planned out before I even sent in my grad school forms. I was going to go to graduate school then go back and work at the Little Light House with Sully (my mini Goldendoodle). He was going to be a therapy dog and travel with me each day to work. However, God had other plans for me. I didn’t get into grad school for speech pathology this coming fall. I thought my world had ended when I opened my last rejection letter, but I just kept praying.

“God use me where you need me most. Use these passions you’ve built in me where they are needed, whether that be in Owasso or if that’s across the world, please use them!”


After many many many tears, HE ANSWERED THAT PRAYER!! I just finished up my favorite part of summer, being a camp counselor at Hope’s Crossing Camp here in Tulsa. This is my 4th year serving as a camp counselor. During camp, I received a phone call saying that Morrow Elementary (new elementary in Owasso) would love to offer me a job as a para-professional in the special education classroom! Without even a second thought, I accepted the position for this coming August! I am so excited to see just what God has in store for me and these kiddos I get to spend the next school year with.

I am living proof that God’s plan is always bigger and better than your own, and although speech pathology did not work out right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. For now, I plan on opening my heart to more children that God puts into my path as a para-professional.


Story Contributor: Macy Mullinax

Photography by Katie Stokes Photography

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