Garden Community By Hosanna Morris

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When we think of gardens we think of growth, water, food, and a lush cornucopia of colored florals. We tend them and care for them to see them grow and take pride in the work we put into helping create them. We marvel at every color and beautiful aromatic scent that brings tranquility and a sense of peace. Most of us keep these beautiful gardens in our backyards to enjoy during the cool spring and hot summer nights or display them in our front yards for a passerby to see and admire as they walk by. Few of us invite those we do not know to enjoy them with us. Hosanna Morris is creating community by simply opening her home to the public and inviting them to her weekly tea and garden walks she holds every spring and summer season.

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What’s your story? Don’t hold back we would love to hear it!

"I am 17 years old and I'm the 10th kid out of 13. My parents have been married 32 years and they are truly two of the most amazing humans. There are 9 boys and 4 girls and I have one little brother in Heaven. But it’s not just 13 of us anymore, my family has grown since my older siblings started getting married. There’s 4 sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law. I love them all so much. I also have two of the sweetest nephews and one little cute sassy niece. So, 23 all together. There's still 6 people at home and the rest have moved out. I really love being a part of a big family and it is one of the greatest pleasures I have ever known. It is so amazing to have all your best friends be your family. It’s crazy fun and sometimes so annoying like when your little sister sleeps in the same room as you and she hates the fan on at night but you love it... Insert laughing face. My Dad and Mom homeschooled all 13 of us and we live out in the country. we are cool homeschoolers I promise. Being homeschooled has allowed me to have lots of extra time to bake and do lots of things in my garden. I didn't always bake, there was always someone in my family before me who was the "breakfast maker”.  I was very young before the torch was passed to me and when I started doing it I discovered I was passionate about it. I clearly remember sitting on the floor while my mom was making bread. I was looking through cookbooks and I saw this recipe in the pioneer woman cookbook that drew my interest so I decided to make it. That was the first recipe I ever made. I also feel equally passionate about gardening and flowers. My Dad has always had a big vegetable garden and my Mom loves plants! Me and my Mom started the garden about 5 years ago and have been working on it every year since. It started as a dirt patch and became a magical place that I highly enjoy. It's crazy to think about how far it's come. Jesus has blessed it Beyond my imagination. He really is such a good good Father."

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What lead you to start Made with Love and open Hosie’s Garden to the Public?

"I started MadeWithLove just as a fun thing. I never expected it to take off or to really keep doing it, but it became a great way for me to share my recipes. Instagram is such a cool and amazing way to share your passions and that's what I love about it!"


"I opened Hosie's Garden to the public in 2017 to do what I call "Flower Walks" where people come to pick flowers and drink tea. It has been so fun to share my garden with people and watch them enjoy something that Jesus has blessed me with. My garden is such a huge part of who I am and it has been a place where Jesus has richly blessed me and showed me that dreams really can come true. Getting to share such an amazing dream like that with other people has been pure joy."

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How do you feel that these two outlets have served to create community and impact those around you?

"My MadeWithLove instagram community has impacted me probably more than the people who follow me will ever now. The way people genuinely do care and take the time to send me a message or an encouraging comment has been amazing to see. People don't realize how just a small act of kindness, that they may not even think much of, can have a huge impact on someone. And that inspires me even more to keep sharing what Jesus puts on my heart. You never know who you could impact. About a month ago my sister-in-law told me that she knew a Mom who has a young girl that I inspired to bake! I was in shock. Me? I inspired someone to bake?!? Are you serious!  I realized, that sharing my story does matter. So, no matter how insignificant you may think you are Jesus did create you with purpose and he has good plans for you. Your story does matter and Jesus can use it to inspire or help someone else. Sometimes it doesn't always mean having 20 thousand followers on instagram (but sometimes it's does!), share your story. Sometimes it means being kind to someone or encouraging a friend. It's all about the one, Jesus left the 99 to pursue the one lost sheep. So, shouldn't we do the same and seek out one person we can encourage?"



"My flower walks have allowed me to meet and talk with people face to face and get to know them and that is a huge part of why I love doing them. I just get to have a whole bunch of girls over and get to know them. How cool is that? It has allowed me to share my story with girls and it has also allowed me to be impacted by the girls that come as well. This past summer I had the honor of meeting two of The sweetest girls ever at one of my flowers walks. They told me their stories and how they are in school and love doing missionary work. After the flower walk was over I helped them carry some things out to their car and just started sharing my heart with them and they just prayed over me and it was crazy. Jesus knew I needed to hear the prayers they prayed and worked through them to speak directly to my heart. It's crazy how much of an impact people have on each other and I am forever grateful for the way Jesus uses people's stories."

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What advice would you give women who are wanting to take the first steps in doing something similar?

"Do not compare your beginning with someone's else's finished product. Do as much as you can with what you have and when you can do more, do more. When my Mom and I first started the garden, we worked on it slowly and did as much as we could with what we had. We did not do it all in a couple of weeks and boom it was done, no, it took 5 years of working and dreaming and persistence. And trust me, I'm still learning this for myself. So, if you have a dream of doing something or want to start a business etc. etc., go for it. Stop waiting, and just do whatever you can RIGHT NOW. It's also very important to realize that no one else can do what God has placed inside of you, you can't do what "she's" doing and "she" can't do what you’re doing. We all have our own thing that Jesus has specifically put inside of each of us."

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Do you feel it is important for women to know that they have a voice and a purpose?

"Yes, yes yes and yes. We must know that we have purpose and a voice, if we don't, how will we have confidence to do what Jesus has called us to do? We are unique and we are all created with a special voice and purpose to reach and encourage those around us. It is so important to know that we are all hand crafted and so loved and called to fulfill a specific amazing role in Jesus' plans."

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How would you encourage women to live a fearless life?


"I have to admit I do not feel qualified to share something on this as I feel like I am barely living a fearless life myself. And I thought about it and figured I would write what I want myself to know. So, I'm speaking these things a lot over myself and to you. It's ok to be afraid. But don't stay there. Jesus sees. He knows the broken hurting parts of your soul that you can't even explain to anyone. He WILL keep on doing good. Cry out to Jesus even when you don't know what to say or what to ask him. Just ask Him to help you. Let him in. He's not going to force you to take His hand, you must make that choice. Press In and ask Him what he's trying to tell you through whatever you’re going through.  It won't be easy. I hate hearing that too. I want it to be easy and pulling up deep roots of fear that have grown in your heart is bound to be painful. Keep on trusting Him. God has a plan. And most importantly KNOW what Jesus says about you. Read the bible and ask Him to show you what He so when the lies and fearful feelings creep in you can know the truth and speak it over yourself."

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1/2 cup softened salted butter 

1 cup applesauce (unsweetened)  

1 1/4 cups granulated sugar

1 large egg 

2 cups all-purpose flour 

1 teaspoon baking soda 

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon


8 tablespoons butter 

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 


1 1/3 cups powder sugar 

1 teaspoon maple flavoring 

1 tablespoon coffee

1 teaspoon vanilla

1-3 teaspoon water if needed




Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 2 donuts molds with non-stick cooking spray. In 

a mixing bowl fitted with paddle attachment combine softened butter, 

applesauce, sugar and egg. Set aside. In a medium size bowl Combine flour, 

baking soda, cinnamon, ground cloves and the salt. Mix dry ingredients into 

the wet ingredients and stir until combined. Get a large piping bag and fill it with the batter. Snip the end of the bag. About 1/4 inch. Pipe the donut molds with batter.

Bake for 13 minutes or until knife inserted comes out clean. Be very careful not to over bake the donuts or they will turn our super dry. Let donuts cool for 3 minutes then run a knife very slowly and carefully around the edge and remove the donuts from the pan. Set the donuts on a wire rack with parchment paper underneath (for the cinnamon sugar+glaze and easy clean up;)


Melt your butter in a small saucepan. In a small bowl mix together the sugar and cinnamon. Grab a donuts and dip it full force into the butter. Now swirl it around in the cinnamon sugar. Once you have coated all the donuts in cinnamon, make the glaze! 


Mix all the glaze ingredients together. Take a spoon and drizzle the glaze lightly over the donuts preferably in perfect Checkered squares. ;) Let the glaze set for a minute and then ENJOY! With coffee obviously, I mean, if you're into that sort of thing. 


Makes 12 donuts.



Story, Venue & Recipe Contributor: Hosanna Morris of Hosie’s Garden and Made With Love

Models: Taylor Marie, Kaleigh Bishop, Sasha Lafferty, Courtney Ramsey

Hair by Brittany DeLano

Photography by Water and Grace