Burden Free Beauty by Entrepreneur Victoria Edmond

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How could beauty products impact a generation of women and young girls to know their intrinsic worth and value, and feel beautiful while doing so? This was the main question I pondered when creating the conscious beauty skin care brand and business Burden Free. We live in a social media culture that contributes to the constant bombardment and pressure marketed to women and young girls to look a certain way, or adhere to the cookie cutter version of what beauty is deemed to be, and feel the need to leave their unique beauty behind. This observation led me on my journey of entrepreneurship starting Burden Free at age 18.  


As I started my new business, I experimented with so many different products, like shea body butters, soaps, and a slew of sugar scrub products. Through trial and error, I figured out slowly but surely what products, and ingredients would stick, and create pure natural products, with no harsh or synthetic chemicals, fragrances or dyes, and be optimal for natural skin care needs, that my customers love and enjoy! Entrepreneurship has been a journey for me a constant realization and continuation of failing, trying again, failing some more and then succeeding.  I saw the need for natural and conscious beauty products with a purpose that celebrates the beauty in all women, the uniqueness of our eyes, hair textures, colors, smiles, and freckles, each one of us has an awe-inspiring beauty that is so unique it can’t simply just be manufactured.


Conscious beauty skin care products that are natural, and cruelty free with the purpose to empower women to radiate beauty from the inside out is always the goal. We as women are born to be burden free, to let go of the worries and concerns about how we look, if we are adequate, comparison with others, not feeling beautiful or the lie that we are not enough all the daily insecurities that all women face and  that we may carry day to day, the good news is that it is our true nature to embody the burden free beauty that we are. Women are beautiful, and possess unique strengths, talents and gifts, I've always sought to display that truth in everything I do, whether that's creating a new product, sharing a blog or a new podcast episode on Conscious Beauty Convo with Burden Free.


Impacting a generation of women and young girls is no easy task , but I believe in starting locally, with the mission of making a difference right where I am , this year  Burden Free has pledged to do consistent giving to support women's causes in 2019 , and this month Burden Free is partnering with our local Dress For Success which is an organization that empowers women to achieve true economic independence while providing support and chic attire on their journey to success . In my little way, the combination of being of service to others, using my talents and gifts that I must create beauty products with a purpose, and giving of that service in all things that I do help to create the true recipe to empowering beauty from within. A holistic approach to beauty where the inner and outer self allows true beauty to shine through is in every woman. Every entrepreneur has hard days, times when you continue and have that faint whisper of the ego, wanting to doubt what you are bringing into the world, but knowing the why and the purpose behind what I do, and serving others beyond oneself motivates me forward and I meet so many local boss babes that inspire me in the same way.

-Victoria Grace

CEO of Burden Free


Story Contributor: Victoria Edmond of Burden Free

Photography by: Eduardo Martinez