The Joy in Motherhood by Britt Jensen Photography

These images coupled with Sabrina's (my client's) words bring me joy. As us moms know, it is probably the hardest job we will ever have, and it is far from glamourous. But the way in which God uses these little people, to break us, mold us, and transform us, is miraculous I think. And sometimes it takes hindsight to see it. As a photographer not only do I hope that my client looks back at these images and finds joy in how little her children were, but also so that she will remember and recognize her beauty and strength as a mother and the person she has become, because of them.

Here are a few words from my client about motherhood:

"Being a mom is by far the hardest job I have ever had, it is also the most rewarding job I have ever had.

It is the hardest job because you physically and mentally get pushed/pulled in ways you never thought imaginable. The sleepless nights. The constant juggling of kids, husband, home, career. The worry of how to raise your children to be wonderful, caring, faith-filled individuals. The tough love we need to show them sometimes, even though it probably hurts us more. The urge to want to shield them from all things bad so they never have to experience pain. The list goes on…

And yet, it is the most rewarding job I have ever had because God has entrusted me with these little people. To teach and mold them to love Him. To help them to grow into the people God intends them to be. To teach me patience, unconditional love and humility. To understand that parenting is hard but these littles are so worth it. To the world I am a person, but to my children I am their world."

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Story and Photography Contributor: Britt Jensen Photography

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