Amy Hornbuckle Founder of Take a Walk Ministries


I was curled up in the corner by my closet. Sweat droplets teetering on the edge of my hair line as I fought to remember the night before. Rocking back and forth wondering why in the world despite the current panic attack I would probably choose to go out again later that night. I didn’t know any better. That life, that scene, those choices- that is all I knew. I was following the crowd and friends down a dark alley- because, why not?

That moment was almost 3 years ago. Now, I am sitting at a desk at 5am worshipping the God that met me in that alley; the King that willingly stepped down from His throne to tell me “there’s more.” Here’s the thing: everyone’s story is not the same. Not everyone has had to be broken down to find Jesus. But at some point, in our lives we will face adversity and judgement. We will face choices and life events that challenge our hearts to a point of breaking. But Jesus meets us there as well. This beautiful truth, the combination of utter passion and “I’ve been there’s” sparked a mission in my heart that has now become a challenge to the world around us. Jesus meets us wherever we need Him to- and those stories need to be shared.

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As this passion began to burn brighter and brighter God was laying down visions and plans that involved my leaving a corporate job at the beginning of 2018 to pursue this fire entirely. So, that’s what I did. Through prayer and a willful and determined husband, I left that job and launched an online ministry. Desiring to use it as a platform to reach believers that were in the same situation I was and to challenge them to tell their stories. The Jesus Meet Me tagline was formed.
The goal is to bring truth and vulnerability back to the “self-care” and “you are enough” trends that are terrorizing the true gospel story. As a culture, especially women, we have fallen in to an unrepentant tribe of believers. We want to believe that we are enough on our own, that we have the strength to overcome hardship, and better than the person persecuting us. If this was true, then I look back at that young woman rocking back and forth in fear and would essentially tell her “suck it up, you are better than this.” Instead, what we should be teaching is that Jesus would say, “Do not fear, I have carried your sins.”

When Jesus met me, I didn’t realize I was the most miraculous, powerful, and beautiful woman walking the earth. Instead, I realized that in fact I am nothing- and Jesus is everything. THAT is the gospel story. That we have a savior that has already forgiven and loved us before we’ve learned to forgive and love ourselves. Our stories, how Jesus meets us in those moments, circumstances, and relationships helps us shed light on the true hero- Christ.

This is my mission. This is my passion. That though we make mistakes and we’re all trying to figure this thing called life out, there is no such thing as too far gone. There is no such place too dark and broken for Jesus to find you. He will step down from His throne every time, for that one lost sheep. We are lost and searching souls that fear, worry, and wander in attempt to find the one thing in life that makes it all worth it. It’s a beautiful thing when we realize that it is not a mere material thing, substance or position- but a living, breathing, sovereign God. He is worth it. He is the reason I didn’t need to go back to the party that night. He is the reason we can accept imperfection and failure, because He’s provided the fulfillment of those things. Having Him in our hearts means we are invited in to that truth.

So, where has Jesus met you? When you were saved, last week, or this morning? Where has He approached you when you were unworthy for Him to do so? Where has He shown you grace? Where has He carried you when you could no longer walk? Where has He met you, when no one else did?


Take a Walk Ministries has evolved into an online ministry that teaches women how to study the bible and faithfully live. Right now we are in the middle of re-branding, developing a bible study training program and a coaching program called Faithful Walk. You can find us daily on Instagram and Facebook, and every Friday we send out special weekly truths and resources to our subscribers. We want to simply be a tool and guide for believers who are seeking Jesus, hoping to remind them of His truth and grace. 


Story by Amy Hornbuckle

Take A Walk Ministries

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