Love Well Handmade By Candice McCoy


As entrepreneurs we are in constant thought of how we can make our businesses better. How can we market better? How can we collaborate and make our business well known within our communities and the world of social media? We are always looking for new strategies to create growth. What if we started seeing business in a new light and found creative ways to not only grow as entrepreneurs, but grow for the benefit of others? We have the chance to make a difference and leave a legacy that will impact generations to come.



 Candice and Jon McCoy have found a way to expand their business beyond the borders of their community to reach people across the world by partnering with organizations such as New Story. New Story is a non-profit organization with a mission to build homes for families that are living in slums. A home is vital in creating hope, stability, and a future to families who are in need. Love Well Handmade gives 5% of their profits to help build homes for families worldwide. We had the pleasure of listening to Candice and Jon speak about their business and how they are incorporating it to change the lives of people across the globe.



 My story is one of redemption and growth.  After struggling with infertility, God gave us 2 sets of twins in less than three years (affectionately called “the twins” and “the girls”) and in them created our sweet story that I am still figuring out day by day.  I longed for a family and in the end got a little more than I bargained for!  Through it all my husband, Jon and I have been so humbled and continue to fight everyday to live the life we know we’re created for and that we want for our kids.  Love Well has become a microcosm of our life in general - having more than we can really handle and learning every day what it is to strive for something and never give up.  I fight to live a life of intention and mission, and even more importantly to model that for my little ones so they will grow up with a strong sense of their dreams and how they can make a meaningful impact in the world.



  Love Well was created in the Spring of 2013 at about 1am in our guest bedroom while our first set of twins was fast asleep in their nursery.  Since before they were born, Jon and I had talked often of ways we could instill in our kids a deep understanding of the world and make giving an inherent, natural part of their lives. The more we thought about it, the more creating a socially responsible family business seemed like the perfect answer. It hit us that with Jon’s passion for design and my love for sewing, we could work together to not only make clothes for our own little ones, but for others too.  Love Well has changed with our family over the last four years, but the heart of it has remained the same - to create a community of people who are living life outside the box and seeking to improve the lives of others around them.



 We see the giving back side of Love Well as more a question of why not rather than why?  It brings us so much joy to have a way of giving back that is bigger than what we could do on our own - and doing it together with our Love Well community is pretty much the best thing ever.



  When we first began, 5% of our sales were given to a charity that was building water wells in central America.  This past year, we decided to switch things up and began partnering with New Story, a charity dedicated to building homes for families who are currently living in slums.  They work in several countries, but are currently focusing many resources in Haiti to help communities who are still suffering from the recent earthquakes. We are excited to now be donating not only 5% of sales, but also $5 of every LOVE product in our shop to build our first house. By selling just 1,200 of our LOVE products, a family will have a home that they can forever call their own - as well as the safety and opportunity that comes with that!  We are incredibly thankful to and inspired by our Love Well customers for caring about this mission and coming alongside us to make it happen! 


Do you believe that it is important for women to have a voice and purpose?


We believe it is incredibly important for women to know they have a voice and purpose.  Every single one of us has a special set of skills we bring to the table - and the world needs us all to give what we have to make a difference.  I think in our society, women sometimes feel pressured to appear a certain way, act a certain way or fill a certain role…but we are each wired so uniquely and if we don’t use our voice and pursue the purpose we feel in our hearts, then we are robbing the world and our communities of the impact we each can have, no matter how big or small.


What would your advice be to women who are wanting to start a business?


My advice would be if you’re scared, that means you’re on the right track and you should keep going! Also, don’t let yourself get away with thinking small; no dream is too big.  Lastly, surround yourself with a community of people who are walking the same path you are!  The relationships we have built in the OKC small business community have literally kept us going in the tough times (and there are many!). It’s essential to surround yourself with people that are in the trenches with you and that will celebrate victories, offer encouragement on hard days, and of course sit back and laugh at the insanity of it all on other days.


Looking back now what is one thing you learned about taking a chance and growing a business?


 One thing I learned about taking a chance and growing a business is to not be afraid to change.  Love Well has morphed in various ways and is currently going through one of the biggest changes yet…but nothing ever grows by staying the same.  Don’t be afraid to pivot and try something new - it’s all a part of the process!


How would you encourage women to live a meaningful impactful life?        


Start where you are with what you have and be unapologetically you.  It’s much more glamorous to do big things and enjoy the praise that comes with them, but many times we are called to start small right in the place we are in.  It’s the little things we do every day that add up to something more than we can imagine. 




Article by Candice McCoy

Business Contributor Love Well Handmade

Photography by Hayley Waldo 

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