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What’s your story?

- I grew up in an incredible Christian home in small town Ohio, but it wasn't until college that I understood what having a personal relationship with Christ was. After graduating from Ashland University in 2013 I decided to use my passion for God and a desire for adventure to commit as a short term missionary in Bolivia. However, during the sign up process God called me to Southwest Florida to fill a position as a kindergarten teacher. 4 days later I found myself trekking over 1,200 miles with my Mom and Aunt and all the belongings I could stuff in the trunk of my Toyota Corolla to Naples, Florida.  Being so far from family and knowing no one this became the loneliest season of my life. Thankfully only 2 months later I met my husband and less than a year later we were engaged. In 2015 we wed in Naples and a year later welcomed our first baby! After leaving public education to be a stay at home mom I began a blog as a hobby which turned into a passion. I now own my website and blog weekly to encourage women to fulfill their purpose according to God's calling. 


What lead you to start your own business and give? 

- I've never pictured myself as an entrepreneur. But for the past few years I've had a desire to open an online shop as an extra source of income while being a stay at home mom. Two years ago I had even given Etsy an unsuccessful try but still had the heart to use my creativity for a purpose. When I relaunched my blog in February I had hopes of opening my store at least a year down the road. God however had another idea to open it this summer! He laid the brickwork perfectly and set a desire on my heart to use my business as a way to give to girls who crave positive love. 

How does giving through your business impact you, the women in your community and the world?

- The idea of giving isn't easy. It's much simpler to want to keep that money for myself and use it for frivolous spending. However, God convicted me of that through prayer and the idea of giving are no longer seems a burden but a blessing. For me, giving is an opportunity to use what I can to do the work God has set before and called me to. It has impacted me by growing my sense of humility and educated me on sex trafficking in the United States. My prayer is that my business spreads awareness to women locally and to grow the community of female supporters for women in crisis, giving a voice to those who feel they have none. 

What Advice do you have for women who either want to start their own business and for women who are wanting to use their businesses to impact others?

- I would tell them to go for it! Be prayerful and listen for God's voice. Ask Him what He wants to use your business for. If it is in His will, nothing can stop it. And if God has other use for you and your business, then He will guide your path exactly where it needs to be. It may not always direct you the way you want to go, but as a believer your business is given to you by God to use for His kingdom and shouldn't be used for you glory but His. Listen to God's guidance because He is always faithful. 

Do you feel it’s important for women to know that they can live a meaningful impactful life and what would you say to them to encourage them to do so? 


- Even the simplest of tasks can become the most meaningful and I think it's so important for women to remember they don't have to change the world to make an impact. God instills passions and desires in each of us for the works He has planned. Though we are not all meant to do big works like Mother Theresa, that does not make your life is less meaningful. Even medial tasks that accompany being a stay at home mom are a testament of faith to the children we raise and impact the way they witness Christ. As long as you do everything with the conviction of faith, Christ’s love and God's grace, than everything you do is meaningful and impactful. 

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