Like a River Written by Deisy Mendoza

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The river flows and roars through the earth as it gives nutrients and color to the land. It serves to replenish and bring life to its inhabitants, and its cool waters refresh the broken, dry soil. It never stops to pause but is in constant movement, always ready and willing to give of itself for the purpose it was created. There is no fear or wavering and change does not cause it to stand still. The mission is clear. The river knows its calling and pursues it recklessly.

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We are beautifully woven beings created with the intention to live for a specific calling. On the road map of our lives, we have a choice to live out the purposes we have been crafted for, and when we choose to do so, we begin to truly grasp the life we are meant to live. A life that moves others to chase their own destiny. A life that influences a community and causes a chain reaction. A life that dies to self to serve something greater.

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Every day we are offered the opportunity to make the most of our days. Life is precious. Every second, every minute, every hour is of more value than we realize. Scripture tells us that we are like the dew that comes in the early morning. It comes and then it goes. Life is shorter than we realize, and if we don’t act now, we will be looking back on all the opportunities and moments that quickly passed us by. We have been created by a God who designed us to be purposeful.  To bring life to the broken and use our talents to bring glory to His name. Like the river, we have been called to reckless abandonment.

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We are in danger of becoming stagnant. A pool of water that does not flow and never moves has no room to grow. It collects algae and bacteria and brings absolutely no life to its natural environment. We were intended to move. To be people with vision. To encourage and love deeply-overflowing and refreshing those we encounter. It is incredibly easy to get lost and lose sight in this world. We are surrounded by an overwhelming number of ways to entertain ourselves. We stay within our inner most circles of comfort and constantly stay concerned with the daily responsibilities of life. We can find ourselves years down the road asking how we got there in the first place. When did we lose it? When did we lose the desire to love others? When did we lose the fire and longing to love the Lord and make His name known? It is time to let Him rekindle that flame.

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We can be the women we are meant to be. Women who love others intentionally. Women who are active in our communities and are impacting those around us. Women who are reshaping the atmosphere and leave legacies that inspire the next generation to live fully. Each of us is unique and has something to offer. It is time for us to not only thrive but to be revived. To be like a river. Powerful and at times gentle. Never stopping and always moving towards the ultimate goal. The goal of living the life we have been so wonderfully designed to live. To walk confidently ready to act and execute. Ready and willing to speak life.

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Sometimes it takes a revelation to wake us up. Whatever that may be personally it causes us to stir and ask questions. No matter our circumstances we have a choice to use them for the benefit of those we encounter. We’ve been called to flourish and replenish the dry soil. When we are flourishing, others flourish with us because out of us flows hope, love, and a vivacity that they can’t help but notice and want for themselves. People are moved and doors that once seemed shut now swing open. We were never intended to live only purely for ourselves and the ones we love. When we give water to a plant and care for its well-being, we become joyful and fulfilled as we watch it bloom before our eyes. We were made to love deeply and when we love deep, we live deep. We were born to tread mountains no matter how high, treacherous or steep and when we come to that place of understanding we can at long last fulfill our destinies to live powerfully!


Hair and Makeup by Brittany Aldridge Artistry

Florals by Crooked Roots Design

Model: Jaimie Sanchez

Dress: Chantilly Couture Bridal and Shop Ruche

Photography: Water and Grace

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