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1) Whats your story? Don’t hold back we would love to hear it!

I grew up knowing Christ as my savior my entire life. My relationship has been like sunshine: you may not always see the sun, or be aware of it, but you can feel the warmth. I wasn't always focused on my relationship with Christ but looking back I can see just how much He was guiding me!


It was about 4 years ago that I was really struggling with what my future was. I knew, deep down, that the Lord was calling me to step out in faith, to speak out, step into leadership, but I was terrified. I was having major anxiety attacks and anytime I thought about following where I thought the Lord was directing me, I would start doubting my abilities. My mind would just go crazy thinking, “you can’t do this, no one wants to hear what you have to say, no one will listen, you aren’t hearing God correctly, if you try this people will think you are a fake” and on and on!


I remember one night I was praying so hard that the Lord would give me a sign, just tell me what He wanted me to do, and I felt the spirit speak to my heart and say, “do you want to know my future for you because you want to serve me, or so that you can be in control?” In that moment I realized that I was trying to be the one in control, that I wanted to know what I was supposed to do so that I could then take over and I wouldn’t need to rely on the Lord anymore. The Lord spoke to me that night and told me that when I sought to know Him more than I sought to know my future, only then would He begin to share with me what He had for me.


That’s been 4 years ago and I have been seeking to know Him more each day. I haven’t always been successful in keeping my eyes on the Lord, and not trying to be the one in control, but His grace and mercy has always been more than sufficient! I’m so in awe of how much the Lord has taught me and given me since that night.




2) How did this begin regarding Kindred Social? Tell us what its all about! 

When I started spending more time trying to know who God is, that also led me to spending time understanding who I AM in Christ. I wanted to know what the Lord said about me, about women, and what He had called us to be and do. That process led to a very real desire to encourage other women to understand their worth in Christ. The process of discovery had been so absolutely life changing for me that I wanted to see other women experience the same thing! I knew I couldn’t be the only person out there, feeling like they were being called to live courageously but struggling to do so, and so I reached out to a few women that I had met over the years. The women were from all across the country, from different backgrounds and with different stories. We met for lunch one day and talked about what God was doing in each of our lives at that point and how we could pray for each other.

That one meeting turned into a monthly discipleship group that went on for almost two years. The Lord almost immediately began impressing on my heart to expand this meetup idea to include other women and build it bigger, but it took me a little while to build up the courage to do so!

 From that one meeting came The Kindred, an online community for women. The Kindred has two arms: Kindred Stories where we share the different stories of women around the world, whether they are younger or older, in ministry, stay at home moms, business owners, students: whatever their story is, we want to share how God is working in their life and how other women can be encouraged through hearing it!

We also have Kindred Meetups, which are groups just like the one I started two years ago. Women meet up once a month, whether on a phone call or in person, and share their lives with each other. Each group encourages one another, prays with one another, and disciples one another.

3)How do you feel that this ministry is and has impacted people and the women in your community?


It’s been amazing to see and hear the stories that have come from Kindred. Whether it’s a Story that encourages someone, or a Meetup that can pray with someone going through a difficult season, the Lord has used Kindred to touch so many different lives. I’m always in awe when I hear the stories and see what God can do through this little community! Kindred is becoming a platform for women to speak up, and a place for women to feel heard. 



5) What would be your advice to women be who are wanting to start something similar?


DO IT. Just do it. If you feel that God is placing a dream on your heart, please do not allow your fears to stop you! We limit ourselves so often without realizing that when God gives you a dream He will also give you the resources to make it come true. You aren’t too young, too old, too shy, too dumb, too anything to do what God has called you to do! If God can use the motley crew of misfits He found in the Bible, if He can use a girl from Oklahoma with control issues and anxiety, then He can use anyone.



6) Do you feel its important for women to know that why have a voice and a purpose?


YES. I think it’s important for everyone to understand this, but especially women. The world is constantly bombarding women with opinions on who they are and what they can be. If you don’t understand that God made you, that He loves you and made you for a specific purpose, then you will be lost and battered by the opinions of this world. But I truly believe that a woman who understands her worth, who unlocks her true purpose, that she is unstoppable, especially when she joins with other women!


Women are the most underutilized resource, both in the Church and in the world, and we have to stop allowing others to dictate what we are capable of and start living from the understanding of who God created us to be.


7) How would you encourage women to live a meaningful impactful life?

It all goes back to what the Lord spoke to me those years ago. If you will seek to know God, if you will build a true relationship with him, then your purpose and power will flow from that. You cannot impact the world if you are running on empty, you must care for yourself. We do that by going to the One who created us and allowing Him to fill us with love and grace, with mercy and compassion, with vision and creativity for our world. Then He will guide you and give you the moments to pour out His love onto others, to give you a life of meaning. But it has to start with that relationship with Him, or it’s meaningless.

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